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Auckland Museum redevelopment

Auckland Museum has been redeveloped over the past 12 years.

Auckland Museum new dome Auckland Museum Museum 2 museum 3 museum 4

Allendale performed the electrical installation for both the existing Museum upgrade (from 1995-2000) and the more recent Stage 2 works - Grand Atrium Project.

The recent works increased the floor space of the museum by 60% and encompassed digging out 2 basement levels and infilling the existing crescent at the rear of the building.

The new space is fitted out as storage , offices, classrooms, special exhibition space and function areas. The electrical work was done for Hawkins Construction and had a final value in excess of $3 M.

Special care was required during construction to interface with the existing installation so as not to disrupt the working Museum or the unique nature of this majestic building.

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